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Michael Dinich


Michael Dinich is an advisor who works for Your Money Matters, an organization based in Sayre, Pennsylvania which specializes in retirement planning. According to Michael, coming up with creative strategies and unique solutions to clients’ financial situations is one of the best aspects of working in the world of finance. Many clients don’t realize all of the ways that they can save money through things like cost-effective health insurance or a simple restructure of their income. Michael enjoys the opportunity to educate clients and help them save as much money as possible through his work.

After serving in the Army, Michael Dinich wasn’t sure of the career path he wanted to pursue. However, Michael’s father, who opened Your Money Matters in 1988, encouraged him to learn more about financial planning. Michael decided to attend a financial conference with his father in order to learn more about the industry, and he soon fell in love with the work. He especially enjoyed the idea of helping people save money on their taxes and for their retirement.

The most challenging aspect of working in the financial industry is getting clients to understand the difference between selecting a financial product and actually taking the time to develop a strategy. Unfortunately, there are many advisors in the industry who operate like salespeople. They encourage clients to select a particular product, and then their job is done. Furthermore, many advisors are only motivated by earning a commission. As a result, people become conditioned to look for products that feature lower fees rather than working with someone who crafts a unique strategy to save them the most amount of money. A large part of Michael Dinich’s job is educating clients so that they understand the difference between a particular product and a comprehensive strategy.

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At Your Money Matters, clients always come first. We strive to help our clients make the best financial decisions, and we can assist with nearly every financial situation that clients need help with. Learn more by visiting our official site.

Michael Dinich

One of the most important lessons that Michael Dinich has learned over the years is that the client should set the agenda. Some advisors find it easier to make rules that the client must adhere to. While that may make life simpler, it does the client a disservice. Michael takes the time to listen to the client and to find out what they need for their particular situation. Listening to the client means taking the client’s personality into consideration as well. For example, some clients might think that stocks are a good asset to invest in. However, if watching the stock market go up and down causes too much stress for the client, then it might be better to find alternative investment options. With every strategy, Michael tries his best to take into consideration the client’s particular needs and concerns so that each client is satisfied with their financial situation after working with Your Money Matters.

Your Money Matters is a comprehensive firm, which means that the firm can assist with just about every financial situation that clients need help with. For example, Your Money Matters works with agents to assist with taxes and has established relationships with attorneys as well. Whatever financial issue a client faces, Michael Dinich and his team can develop a plan that looks at every piece of the financial puzzle. Despite the recent trend of robo-advisers and powerful financial software, Michael feels confident that computer software will never be able to replace the type of advice that an experienced advisor can provide a client. Due to his knowledge and years of experience, Michael is able to adapt to each client’s situation in ways that software can’t match. Your Money Matters realizes there is no single formula that works for every client. This attitude is reflected in the exceptional customer service and creative strategies that the firm provides on a daily basis to its customers.